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What's a Basselele (pronounced bass eh lay lay)?  It'a a 30 inch ukulele with some special strings that produces the same pitches as a standard bass guitar and is tuned in traditional bass tuning (EADG).  So you can play it instead of a full size bass.  


You get less frets, so keep that in mind, but it's easier to carry, lighter on the shoulders and sounds very much like a upright bass.  



  • Did Honu Ukuleles invent the Basselele?
    • No, we just came up with a better name
    • short scale (21") basses have been around for a while and have been made popular by several different manufacturers
  • So why should I buy a Honu Basselele?
    • A honu Basselele has the same build quality and care of build as a Honu Ukulele.  Always made with solid Koa and a mahogany neck
  • Can i get it without electronics
    • no, since this is a small scale instrument, it's quite quiet without an amp, and thus we won't make one without electronics.


The Honu Basselele